Cadbury Packaging


This design has no official affiliation with Cadbury.

The aim of this project was to create a new look for Cadbury that would convey British heritage and the sophistication of a luxury candy bar, while keeping true to the Cadbury brand. The flavors included in this rebrand are: Royal Dark, Roast Almond, Fruit & Nut, Chili Dark, Dairy Milk, Caramello, and Mint Dark. All bars feature the well-known Cadbury purple, as well as an identifying color for each flavor.

The back of each bar features the Royal Warrant and reads:

"The Cadbury Story: John Cadbury opened his first store in 1824. His passion for the art of confectionary produced smooth, rich and delicious chocolates. That tradition lives on today in the form of exquisite chocolates made to suit the connoisseur's palate. Enjoy".