DeepSee App

Overview & Challenge

Radical Love Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring individuals to live mindfully. They sought Foraker Labs’ help with building an app based around emotional literacy and wellness, which they referred to as DeepSee. DeepSee would provide personal discovery and development of their 6 principles of mindfulness: responsibility, insight, clear mind, and awakened action.

DeepSee was to be a mobile learning tool that would focus on increasing users’ emotional literacy and wellness. This would be accomplished through personalized out of app tasks and goals.

Our goal was to design a minimum viable product prototype of DeepSee within a short timeline. This timeline didn’t allow for any testing to be conducted. Radical Love Foundation required this design prototype in order to raise money to fund the development of DeepSee.



Prior to seeking our help, Radical Love Foundation commissioned an independent research company to conduct a survey centered around their 6 principles. Reading over the study revealed how individuals reacted to these principles.

Our team conducted a competitive analysis of apps with similar end goals. These apps were:

  • Lumosity
  • Elevate App
  • Happify
  • Mood Meter
  • MEIT Emotional Intelligence
  • Smiling Mind

Sketching Flow Diagram

Radical Love Foundation provided us with the following basic flow of DeepSee:

  1. 24 statements per assessment
  2. Principle focused statement and response
  3. Personalized feedback
  4. Tools based on development area
  5. Next personalized assessment

Due to the MVP nature of the project, we sketched a flow and basic page structure that was more condensed:

  1. Statements and response
  2. Out of app experience assignment
  3. Out of app experience reflection

Style Direction

After speaking with the client about the basic flow and page structure, we moved towards establishing a style direction for the design prototype.

They voiced a desire for a brighter color palette, but otherwise were open to design directions. After showing 3 different directions they decided upon one.

Exploring Gamification

Radical Love Foundation was interested in exploring gamification of the design prototype. Exploring gamification on the statements and response page would give the best opportunity for creating an engaging experience through unique functionality.

Final Designs & Status

After a few iterations, an agreement was reached with the client on a design prototype that they would use to receive funding from donors.