About Me


Amanda Michko-Bird


User Experience Designer


2014 - Present




I love what I do



My Design Philosphy

The essential qualities that a User Experience (UX) designer must possess are empathy, humility, and curiosity.

Developing one’s empathy will make designs more usable, accessible, and pleasing for all users. It is crucial to design with affinity to the need of the user, not the designer. An experience can be heavily compromised by a lack of empathy for all audiences of a project.

A UX designer’s work relies heavily on collaboration and teamwork. Feedback from both colleagues and users is part of the design process, and must be taken without ego. Design decisions should be driven by target user needs, not one’s own emotional attachments to a design or concept. Remaining humble is paramount to the success of a UX designer.

Improvement is always possible. Curiosity and a desire to expand one’s knowledge allows for great strides in one’s own growth and improvement. A designer must be willing to dig deeper to discover the “how” and “why” behind the problems, and the existing solutions. A project can then be designed for the needs of the target users utilizing this knowledge. One cannot grow as a person holding the belief that there is no new knowledge or experience to gain.